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OptiProcure.com - Optimized Procurement by Reverse Auction

Optimized Procurement by Online Reverse Auction
OptiProcure.com is a purchasing tool that enables companies to advertise on the web and to carry out a purchase order by electronic reverse auction (eRA). The procedure is in accordance with the Public Procurement Act.

The goal to advertise on the web and to process the call for purchasing of goods or services by electronic reverse auction, is to lower production expenses i.e. purchasing costs with no risk of lower quality and additional charges.

To get the business suppliers compete by bidding/lowering the price. The bidder offering the lowest price gets the business.

Benefits for Buyers
The access to competitive prices and new markets as well to shorten purchasing/selling time. Reverse auction can decrease purchasing costs between 10% and 40%.

The said is confirmed by already executed auctions.

Reverse Auction Winner
The winners, there are two, the supplier getting the business as wll the buyer securing the most competitive offer.

Only criterion is price – Transparent prices – Buyers and vendors are anonymous – Without asymmetric information – No conflict of interest – Third person – No risk for lower quality – Open market – Global market – Total competition – Without particular software – Real time bidding – Electronic trading – Simplicity – Individual tender development…

The best conditions for winners.

Opinions of the Participants at auctions
NLB d.d.: »Through reverse auction, purchasing of electric power, we achieved the savings of approximately EUR 160.000.« (electronic notice to the staff: NLB InternE-novice, No. 44, dated July 10, 2013).

Občina Krško: »Reverse auction demonstrated to be adequate and efficient way to achieve lower price as expected.« (Andrej Sluga, Section Chief)

Merkur Zavarovalnica d.d.: »The final offer that was reached through reverse auction was significantly lower comparing to the best offer reached through classic way.« (Denis Stroligo, President of Board)

Current Announcements

At present, there are no posted tenders

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